Welcome to the POE-com 2 project website! 

POE-com or Product Options E-commerce is a complete shopping cart solution for configurable products. This application has been designed and built to meet your product configuration needs,  to either create real-time RFQ's or order fullfillment.


  • Complex Product Configurations
  • Staged and Static Product Page Views 
  • Multiple Pricing Models (qty,area, volume, level)
  • Joomla 2.5+ Component - Leverage CMS for SEO
  • GEO Location Handling (default shipping and tax, filtering)
  • Silent User Registration
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Payment API Suite
  • Shipping API Suite
  • Built to be Extended

This site contains example products that demonstrate POE-com features. If you have specific requirements we are happy to create an example of your product to show how POE-com will work for your business!